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We love Coral and it shows in our amazing livestock. Frags to full colonies, Matias chooses the very best. If you can think of a color, we have it! Aquatropics has coral starting at $9.99.  Our coral, over 600 gallons, comes from ALL OVER THE WORLD. Our expert staff is ready to show you how to get your reef started


​​Sea Stars,Cucumbers,Urchins, shrimp, lobster, anemones, crabs, snails and EVEN MORE! We can help you with "Cleanup crew" or that amazing invert to catch the eye, every week we get something new and cool. Come by often  and look around to get the coolest creatures for your aquarium

200 Gallons of Aquatropics is dedicated to Sharks and Stingrays. We carry several types of cat shark as well as horn shark. You can also find cortez rays and butterfly rays. We would love to help you plan your shark tank

Saltwater fish and coral

More Saltwater

Aquatropics has over 1,700 gallons of Saltwater Fish, which provides you with the widest selection of Saltwater Fish in North Central Florida. We carry fish from all over the world and hand pick our animals at Florida wholesalers every Monday. Upon request, we will be happy to search for that special fish or size that will suit your needs no matter how hard we have to look!

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